From the shadowy alleys of the urban jungle, where fortune favors the bold and luck is a fleeting guest, there resides a drug dealer called “Street Crack”, saved as “SC” in the phones of his customers. Now, SC isn’t your ordinary street corner entrepreneur. With the cops more familiar with his hideouts than the rats, and his clientele more fickle than the wind, SC decided he needed to pivot. Not to something entirely legal, mind you, but to a venture that demanded a certain mechanical finesse. SC, in a stroke of genius fueled by desperation and perhaps a tad too much of his own product, invented the world’s most advanced two-part 9mm pistol suppressor. This isn’t just any suppressor; it’s the Swiss watch of pistol suppressors. Additive manufactured, designed for multiple pistons, superior in multiple parts and softer than a powder angel. Named after its inventor, the “SC” has become an underground legend, giving the underworld the gift of silence, one 9mm at a time.

1/2x28 Piston

Model: CAT/SC/B1
Caliber: 9 mm
Weight Titanium: 10.0 oz
Overall Length: 7.70”
Diameter: 1.40″
Min Barrel Length: No Restrictions
Recommendation: 9mm Handgun
Finish: DLC
Mounting: 1/2×28 (Piston Included)
Price Titanium: TBC

Additional info

Model: HUMAN/Crack Head
Height: 3’9″
Weight: Lightweight (but prefers not to disclose on packaging)
Eyes: Dark brown, diluted
Hair: Silky Black, Medium Length
Personality Type: Highly Addictive
Fashion Sense: Meth Chic

Here is what is included in your package:

Giveaway Tee – Large Only (Front)
Giveaway Tee (Back)
Sticker Pack
CAT Cleaning Container
* Weights shown are a guide to maximum values only

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