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C.A.T’s lead technical engineer – Mr. Noah Arkman, has focused his divine talents to a new, albeit less celestial, creation: a fully AI-engineered 6mm suppressor, with outputs from the realm of ballistic serenity.

Let’s imagine a world where after the success of creating massive, earth-moving machinery, there was an inexplicable pivot into the nuanced field of firearm suppression, specifically focusing on the creation of the most innovative 9mm submachine gun suppressor the world has ever seen.

In a twist of fate, the world’s greatest .308 suppressor wasn’t designed in a high-tech lab or by a renowned weapons expert, but rather by a police officer whose moral compass was, let’s say, less than perfect.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the marvel of Asian ingenuity. Prepare to have your funny bone tickled and your sense of wonder ignited as we dive into the world of unconventional Asian invention.
No more white noise, no more talk about “we make the best suppressors”, and no more picking a few design points to make yourself sleep better at night. There’s only one Old Dirty Bastard at this banquet, and he’s taking all the ladies home.
When it comes to balancing performance with longevity, WB is undoubtedly the leading all-round 5.56mm suppressor in the world today.
There’s suppressor solvents, cleaners and even shit you haven’t heard about. But in the world we live, if it isn’t a lab engineered synthetic acid designed over 27 months, able to chew through carbon, leave Inconel and Titanium alone but destroy everything on this green earth, we aren’t interested.

The world where we live

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