Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the marvel of Asian ingenuity. Prepare to have your funny bone tickled and your sense of wonder ignited as we dive into the world of unconventional Asian invention. Feast your eyes on the “Selfie Chopstick” – the must-have gadget for the modern self-obsessed suppressor influencer. This magical chopstick comes equipped with a built-in camera and a selfie stick extension. Capture your most precious moments while shooting critters like a pro, all while maintaining a firm grip on your delectable Asian cuisine. Say cheese and “pass me the sushi” simultaneously!

1/2x28 Direct Thread

Model: CAT/SR/A1
Caliber: .22 CAL
Weight Titanium: 3.3 oz *
Overall Length: 5.65”
Diameter: 1.05”
Min Barrel Length: No Restriction
Recommendation: Up to 5.7×28 (see manual)
Finish: DLC
Mounting: 1/2×28 Direct Thread
Price Titanium: $585

Additional DAta

Ethnicity: Asian Descent
Height: 3’9″
Weight: Lightweight (but prefers not to disclose on packaging)
Eyes: Expressive Dark Brown
Hair: Silky Black, Medium Length
Cuisine Compatibility: Spicy Level Expert
Fashion Sense: Electric Chic

Here is what is included in your package:

Ltd. Giveaway Tee – Large Only (Front)
Ltd. Giveaway Tee (Back)
Sticker Pack
CAT Cleaning Container
White Rice – Large
Sticker Pack
CAT Cleaning Container
* Weights shown are a guide to maximum values only

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